Floating Bathroom Shelves

Super Easy DIY Floating Shelves! www.buildstuffsaturday.com

So this project was born when I had a mini freakout this morning because of all the clutter in my bathroom. Our master bathroom is really small, so clutter tends to accumulate in there quickly. I’ve been meaning to build some sort of storage solution, but for one reason or another, it kept falling to… Read More

15-Minute Wood Monitor Stand

Easy 15-minute Wooden Monitor Stand

Last week I got tired of all of the clutter on my desk at work. So I thought: why not build a monitor stand to help organize and hide some of my stuff. What you need: 1- 6×1 1- 3×1 1- 6×2 Nail Gun First I measured out where I wanted to cut each plank…. Read More

Wood Framed Floor Mirror


After scrolling through my Pintrest “DIY build board” trying to find something I was confident enough to build, I came across this DIY Floor Mirror¬†project by shanty-2-chic. Seemed pretty straight forward and not complicated. Seeing as I am still a “newbie” to building, I felt this would be a good first project for me. I… Read More