15-Minute Wood Monitor Stand

Last week I got tired of all of the clutter on my desk at work. So I thought: why not build a monitor stand to help organize and hide some of my stuff.

What you need:
1- 6×1
1- 3×1
1- 6×2
Nail Gun

First I measured out where I wanted to cut each plank. I wanted the final dimensions to be about 40″ wide by 6″ tall by 15″ deep. So I made the following cuts:

6×1: 40″ x 2
3×1: 40″
6×2: 12″ x 3

I wanted the legs to not be as deep so the top of the stand will hide the wires coming out of the back of my computer.

I nailed the first 6×1 to the top of 2 of the 6x2s, flush to the front. I then measured to the middle of the plank and nailed down the 3rd 6×2. Next I did the same thing with the 3×1, then the 6×1 (alternated thick, thin, thick).

Once everything was nailed down, I sanded it smooth and stained it with Min Wax Early American wood stain and waited for it to dry.

Heres how it turned out:


It was a hit at work! I got so many compliments!





Happy Building!


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