Address Numbers with Succulent Planter

Recently, we’ve been having problems with people being able to find our house. Apparently our address numbers were difficult to see as they blended in with the side of the house. I had been eye-ing these address numbers that the ladies over at Shanty-2-Chic had created for months, so I had no problem tossing the old numbers and creating something new!

The full plans can be found over at the Shanty-2-Chic website, here.

I’ve also been obsessing over succulents lately. With the drought here in California, more and more people have been ditching their grass for desert-style, drought-resistant landscaping and I am loving some of the results. This was the perfect project for me to jump on the succulent train and make something of my own.

IMG_1499This project was relatively easy and since we had most of the supplies on hand, only took us about an hour or two total. I just love the results!

For this project, you need a fence picket, a 1×3, a few succulents, finish nails, and screws.

We started off by cutting our fence picket into 3 pieces that were 18″ long each.

From there, we used the kreg jig to drill pocket holes and attach the 3 pieces together to create one large board.


Next, we cut the 1×3 into one 10.5″ piece, two 3.5″ pieces, and one 12″ piece. These pieces will create the planter.


Using the kreg jig again, we drilled pocket holes into the 10.5″ piece in order to attach it to the main board as well as pocket holes on the ends to attach the 3.5″ pieces to create the bottom and sides of the planter.


Once the bottom and sides of the planter are attached, take the 12″ piece and use a finish nailer to attach the front of the planter to the sides and bottom.


We used one of my favorite stains, Rustoleum Early American, to stain the entire piece.

Once dry, we attached address the address numbers. We got ours at Home Depot. I love the clean modern look to them.

We used the templates provided to pre-drill holes in the back board and used the screws provided to screw in the board from the back. You could also use liquid nails or other type of adhesives to attach the numbers to the board.

After that, we hung the board to our brick using 3M Heavy Duty Exterior Mounting Tape. I had doubts on how well this tape would hold up, but it’s been a week and it’s still sticking to the brick!


I love how this project turned out and I love that it only took an hour to put together. Definitely a great project for a beginner.

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