Wood Framed Floor Mirror

After scrolling through my Pintrest “DIY build board” trying to find something I was confident enough to build, I came across this DIY Floor Mirror project by shanty-2-chic. Seemed pretty straight forward and not complicated. Seeing as I am still a “newbie” to building, I felt this would be a good first project for me. I just glad Kailey knows how to use power tools! She makes a great tutor.

I’m am going to apologize before hand at the lack of pictures. I was so engrossed in the project I kept forgetting to snap photos along the way.

Ok, we took a trip over to home depot and got the following materials:

3- 4x1s (8′ long)
1- 60″ x 16″ mirror
1- can of wood stain
2- packs of 4 3″ flat corner brackets
1- roll 3M double sided outdoor tape

First thing we did is we had to figure out the dimensions of each plank. We figured the easiest way to do this was make the inside border of the wood plank 1 inch shorter than the mirror.

We then cut one side of the plank at a 45 degree angle with a Miter saw. From there we measured 59 inches on the inside of the plank and cut another 45 degree angle. We did this once more for the matching side of the mirror.

For the top and bottom of the mirror we used the same idea– 1 inch shorter then the mirror. So we took the remaining wood and measured 15 inches on the inside of the plank and cut another 45 degree angle. The first angle was already cut for us, because we were able to use the remainder of the wood from the long sides. Below is a picture of what the planks should look like.


After we got all the boards cut, we started to put the frame together.  According to the Shanty-2-Chic instructions, gorilla wood glue and staples were all that was needed to keep the frame together…. Well, our miter cuts weren’t perfect, so we had to improvise, as the staples and glue would not hold. Back to Home Depot we went to get 2 sets of 4- Flat Corner Braces. We put 2 brackets on each corner to make sure it was sturdy.

We then stained the wood and let it dry. We used MinWax Wood Finish in Dark Walnut.IMG_1497


Once the stain was dry, I took the sander and “weathered” it. Once that was finished, we began our first attempt to fix the mirror to the frame. We tried to use vanity glue, but that turned out to me one messy mistake. Luckily it takes a while to dry, so we had no problem cleaning up.

We ended up using 3M outdoor double sided tape to fix the mirror to the frame, which worked out wonderfully. Strong, easy to work with, and not messy!

IMG_1508And there you have it– A gorgeous wood framed mirror. The beauty of this project is, you can literally frame any size mirror that you would like! Happy building!

Until next time,



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